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Splix.io is arguably the least ‘cute’ or creative of the .io games. It is, however, also perhaps the most genius of all the .io games- and its genius lies in its simplicity. This is a game based on claiming territory, and on taking land from others. It’s a very basic game, that uses literal blocks as well as block colors. There are no avatars; no adorable characters and no colorful graphics for you to enjoy. splix.io is reliant on your primal need to guard your ‘land’, and on your instinct to grow your space by invading that of others.

Splix.io Controls

Playing splix.io is very simple. You use your arrow keys, or WASD, to navigate a small dot across the board. Your dot will leave a trail, and colliding into your own trail will kill you. Likewise, if others collide into your trail then they will die as well.
In order to grow your land, you must connect your trail to the series of blocks you begin your game with. Anything within the perimeter created by your trail will become ‘your’ land, and will remain in your possession, until an opponent claims it. The aim of the game is to conquer the largest plot of land possible. This is heavily reliant on you invading others’ space, and creating a large yet manageable area that you can defend from other players.
While on this surface this all seems very simple- it’s actually very challenging. Avoiding suicide is, in and of itself, a difficult task. What’s more, invading land as you protect your preexisting space can prove very difficult to achieve.

Tips, Hacks & Strategy
As with all .io games, your ultimate goal is to place yourself at the top of the leaderboard. As discussed above, you do this by conquering the most amount of space.
As with most games, there are certain tips and tricks you can follow, in the interest of bettering your technique. According to extensive research, the most effective tips are as follows:
An excellent trick that will help you succeed is to position yourself as close to your opponents as possible. While this seems counterintuitive, crowding their space will increase the likelihood of their accidentally committing suicide on your trail.
A great tip is to create yourself a fortress. This involves leaving a two square thick trail, that will eventually circle back, in the interest of creating a perimeter of a square that acts as a boundary. This will eventually fill itself in once the edges of the boundary meet, and in the meantime will deter your opponents.
A further tip to consider is playing it safe. While it can be tempting to create enormous squares, in the interest of filling the most amount of space, you should focus on building a large area through several smaller squares which will later be connected. This leaves you less vulnerable in the face of more experienced players.